Biggie Pack Ultra 45L - is an ultra-lightweight frameless backpack for long distance hikes and autonomous travels.

The backpack has a simple design and an increased volume is 45 litres. Entrance to the main body compartment is on the roll top, it's made for quick access and easy volume adjustment. 

The unique design has simple roll top construction which can be fast loading and easy adjustment of the volume. There are a lot of additional pockets for quick access, convenient placement and easy packing of gear in it. The backpack helps to improve your speed, efficiency, increase hiking distance and pleasure from the mountains. Ideal choose for those who want to save every gram in their gear.

A feature of the backpack is the removable straps of the side version of the rolltop, the central strap and the load-lifters straps. That's maybe customize the backpack just for you.

The backpack has frameless design. For the forming the frame of the BIGGIE PACK we recommend to use a sleeping mat, putting it along the back of the backpack.

In contrast of the Elementum, the Biggie Pack hasn’t got a front compartment made of elastic material, but it has a large front pocket made of Ultra™ 200.

There are some holes for water drainage in the bottom part of Pack.

The lacing system of the front pocket can be used for drying clothes and gear during the transitions or for additional fastening of equipment at the trail.

The backpack has 7 pockets: a central large front pocket, two voluminous pockets on the backpack belt, two side pockets and two updated pockets on the straps.

New mesh pockets on the shoulders straps: increased volume, now the pocket is fixed with a tightening system, and the pocket can also be closed/opened with one hand. These pockets will soon migrate to the Biggie Pack 65L.

The backpack has a removable load-lifters system on the shoulder straps and in the upper part of the backpack. 

Lacing is provided for attaching additional gear on the sides and in the lower part of the backpack.

The weight of the backpack is approximately 540 g, and 440 g without removable straps, shock-cords and cords.

Main furniture: fastex, buckles and webbing straps - 15 mm, unlike the Biggie Pack 65L where the furniture and straps are 20 mm.

Ultra™ 200 is the woven fabric is 67% UHMWPE and 33% Repreve recycled polyester. The proprietary Challenge RUV recycled film backing is 100% recycled and 97% UV Resistant. Every yard of Ultra™ 200 saves over one pound of CO2, compared to Nylon pack fabric.

The main material (fabric) of the backpack is 100% waterproof, but please, pay attention that the seams of the backpack are not sealed. This means that the backpack is not waterproof.


  • minimalistic simple design;
  • frameless design;
  • loops around of the backpack for individual lacing and fixing extra gear;
  • loops on a back of backpack for attaching a sleeping pad along the back;
  • light weight;
  • removable adjustable chest strap;
  • compatible with hydration system;
  • 7 additional pockets;
  • volume side pockets that hold 1.5-2 liters plastic water bottle;
  • adjustable volume of the pack due roll top format;
  • there are water drain holes in the side pockets;
  • inside waist side pockets have carbines for fixing useful things.


  • Full volume: 45 L
  • Internal: 33 L
  • Center pocket: 5 L
  • Side pockets: 2 x 2.0 L
  • Stretch pockets on harness: 2 x 0.5 L
  • Hip belt pockets with zippers: 2 x 1 L


Up to 12kg.


It’s depends from length of a body (torso length). This is the distance between the top of the shoulder straps and the bottom of the backpack.

  • S/M — 47cm / height 150-175cm;
  • M/L — 53cm / height 175 and higher.


Material: Ultra™ 200, nylon elastic fabric, WJ, YKK zipper.

Weight: about  440 grams without straps and cords.

Complete set: Biggie Pack Ultra 45L, chest strap, elastic cords.

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