Liteway cooperation


Welcome to partnership wholesales page.

Our terms and conditions are pretty simple:

  1. For orders more than 2000 EUR - you get a  45% / 30% discount.
  2. All additional expenses (shipping costs, customs fees etc) - are on your side.
  3. Terms of payment: 100% prepayment.
  4. We do not effect at final price in your store. You manage the price on your own.
  5. For orders less than 2000 EUR - you get a 20% discount coupon, which you can apply during an order via website.
  6. Contact us by emailing to to get it.

The production time is up to 12 weeks. It depends on order's quantity and equipment's type.

The price/order form: download here.

Please send form to email:

We are always ready to build long-term partnership all over the world!