An ultra lightweight one-layer tent for UL hiking and bikepacking adventures.

Low weight is perfectly combined with a large internal volume and excellent wind resistance. The tent has 2 vestibules 55cm long. The shelter has 2 entrances on a water-repellent YKK zipper.

The tent is designed for two people.

The area of ​​internal living space is about 3,2 square meters.

The Illusion Duo can be installed with one trekking pole 130 cm or with 2 trekking poles in A-form to increase inner living space.

For minimal installation only 6 pegs are required. Pegs and trekking poles are not included in the set. Small packed size and volume.

Features of the technology - the tarp is glued all main seams. Minimum stitched seams. This means that there is no need for additional sealing of the seams, as in the 1.1 oz version of Silpoly 20D.


1.0 oz Dyneema® Composite Fabric is a patented ultra-lightweight material. It is made from flexible nonwoven laminated composites that are additionally reinforced with Dyneema® fibers. The fabric is highly durable and water resistant.


  • Stretch the corners with pegs;
  • Setiing up with one trekking pole 130 cm length. For the trekking pole stability inside the top and in the bottom of the tent a special pockets are provided. Note the sharps end of the trekking pole must be closed;
  • For setting up on 2 trekking poles in A-frame the total length of the one side is 155cm. It means that 155cm can be formed from 25cm A-frame connector and 130-135cm trekking poles / or 35cm length connector  and 120-125cm trekking poles / or 15cm length connector and 140-145cm trekking poles;
  • Tighten the guy lines for a tension wind stability of the tent;
  • To increase the internal living space, we additionally install guy lines on additional loops.


  • 2 entrances with YKK AquaGuard water repellent zipper;
  • 2 vestibules 55cm long;
  • 2 ventilation windows;
  • Wind resistance design;
  • Loops with linelocs for comfortable setup and adjustments with guy lines;
  • Strengthening with X-Pac in top and bottom of the shelter;
  • Catenary cut;
  • UHMW PE guy lines;
  • Ultralight weight;
  • Small packed size.


Materials: 1.0 oz oz Dyneema® Composite Fabric, Woojin plastic, YKK AQUAGUARD zipper #3.

Weight for 1.0 oz DCF: 790g / 870g with guylines and stuff sack.

Outside dimensions: 276cm x 245cm / height 130cm.

Inner dimensions: 230cm x 135cm.

Complete set: Illusion duo tent DCF, UHMW PE guy lines, stuff sack.

We recommend using this shelter if you are no more than 190 cm tall. For larger growth, the shelter may not be convenient.

NOTE. The sharp ends of the trekking poles should always be covered with tips. Or you can put a soft cloth / equipment under the sharp end of the pole. Do not insert the sharp ends of sticks or posts into the top of the shelter. The sharp ends of the trekking poles should always be insulated to avoid breaking the top of the Tent.

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  • Production time: 1-12 weeks
  • 1,149 €

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