• ELEMENTUM PACK - 28 x 21 x 9cm;
  • GRAMLESS PACK - 27 x 18 x 9cm;
  • URBAN PACK X-PAC - 24 x 18 x 3cm.

  • Urban 14L: Height - 51cm, Width - 23cm, Depth - 10cm;
  • Urban 24L: H - 60, W - 26-30, D - 13-16;
  • Urban pro pack 30L: H-60, W - 26-30, D - 13-14;
  • Gramless 35L: H - 72, W - 25, D - 15-17;
  • Elementum 50L: H - 85, W - 28, D - 15-17;
  • Biggie 65L: H - 86, W - 30-34, D - 18-21;
  • Biggie 45L: H - 77, W - 24-27, D - 15-17.

It's 210D high-performance pack material. The combination of low stretch, waterproof construction and 210-denier face fabric provides an ideal balance of weight and durability.

The front pocket in the Biggie is not elastic and it is made of x-pac.

The pockets on the backpack straps in the biggie are completely different.

The biggie closes both as an Elementum and as a Gramless do.

The biggie has larger waist pockets than the Elementum.

The biggie has buckle hardware and strap at 15mm, the Elementum has at 20mm.

The biggie also has removable load lifters.

The Biggie 45 gets the best of both Elementum and Gramless Packs.

The difference between the fabrics: VX-07, V-07, LS-07 is lighter and thin, the weight is about 150g/m2 VX-21 is weight 200g/m2, in our experience all fabrics are excellent and there is no difference in using them.

You need to wash it with 30 degrees temperature without spinning.

The main difference in the material is 210D HDPE Gridstop is little stronger, softer but less waterproof, it's only waterepellent. The XPAC (VX21) if fully waterproof and not as soft as Grid, but you need to understand that all backpacks have not sealed seams.