The best ratio of weight to heat insulation and great functionality of down quilt is SLEEPER QUILT 750FP.

For fastening to a sleeping mat we have done loops along the long sides of quilt.
Lightning and drawstring will form the tube and the footbox for comfort and warmth at the bottom of  the Sleeper Quilt .
Before use, fluff the down just by shaking the Sleeper Quilt.
Warm seams give the Sleeper Quilt perfect heat preservation. It’s mean that cold air can’t go through the seams.
Draft flaps at both side of zipper.
You will find in the set of the Sleeper Quilt the mosquito net, which you can use as a case for a quilt or sleeping bag and as protection against mosquitoes and insects.
For extra warming, we recommend using with warm socks the Choonie.
The Sleeping Quilt is designed for a comfort temperature of  -2 °C/ 28°F.

INSULATION: Natural down 750 Fill Power with Hydrophobic treatment made in Ukraine. Goose down 80%, duck down 20% (90% down, 10% feather). Hydrophobic treatment protects down from moisture.

• Top Quilt for sleep under a tent, in a tent or hammock.
• Poncho cap for additional warming on the bivouac.
• Blanket size 210x130x100 cm/ 82.68”х51.18”х39,37” with unlocked zipper in the lower part.
• Warm sleeping bag insert as additional warming for any sleeping bag in winter hiking.
• Under Quilt warming underpost for hammock

• Minimalistic simple design
• Ultra light weight
• High quality fittings: YKK zippers and fasteners WJ
• Multifunctional
• Warm seams
• Perfect weight-to-heat insulation ratio
• Compact packed

Materials: Down 750 Fill Power, 20D Nylon Ripstop DWR, YKK zipper
Comfort temperature: -2°C / 28°F.
Weight down: 400 grams / 14.11 oz / 0.88 lb
Quilt weight: 695 grams  / 720 grams with mosquito cover and fastenings for a sleeping pad
Size: length 210 cm / 83in, width at the shoulders 130cm / 51in, width at the feet 100cm / 40in
Complete set: Sleeper Quilt, mosquito cover, fastenings for a sleeping pad

NOTE: If the gear is not ready for shipment, the production time is 1-8 weeks.

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