DELTA PEGS – are versatile, lightweight pegs made from PLA.

PLA (Polylactic acid)  - a plant-based polyester. PLA is biologically degradable. The material is made from corn, sugar cane, or sugar beet.

Set of 6 or 12 pegs. Three edges prevent the peg from scrolling. This makes it easier, faster and more reliable to set up the shelter. Triangular pegs also work effectively in loose soil.

Not suitable for rocky ground.

Suits well for air travels with hang luggage (depends on airline's rules).


  • reinforced by a composite element;
  • light weight: only 8 grams (10cm);
  • 10 or 14 cm length; 
  • Intended for soft ground.


Materials: PLA.

Set size:  6 pcs (10 cm) - 12х5х3 cm, 12 pcs (10 cm) - 12х5х5,5 cm.

Weight: 10 сm - 8 g/pc, 14 cm - 10,1g

Set's weight:

6pcs (10сm) - 51 g, 12 pcs (10 сm) - 94 g.

6pcs (14сm) - 69 g, 12 pcs (14 сm) - 130 g.

Complete set: pegs.

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