Ultralight SIMPLEX MAX TARP DCF for 1-2 persons.

Huge tarp area 5.0 sq.m. and thus really low weight 245 g only. Catenary cut and asymmetric design give several types of set up: A-frame, half-pyramid (holden tent). All loops of the tent with tensioners WJ cord for increase speed and ease of adjustment of guys line. Ideal for use with mosquito tent Simplex Mesh. Paired which form a 2-layer ultra lightweight tent for one person. The center seam is glued and sealed.


0.8 oz Dyneema® Composite Fabric CT2E.08 is a patented ultra-lightweight material. It is made from flexible nonwoven laminated composites that are additionally reinforced with Dyneema® fibers. The fabric is highly durable and water resistant.


  • 8 basic loops with guy lines adjusters;
  • catenary cut;
  • asymmetrical design;
  • ultralight weight;
  • Dyneema® guy lines;
  • compactly packing.


Materials: 0.8 oz Dyneema® Composite Fabric CT2E.08, WJ, WJ linelock

Weight:  180 g / with lines and stuff sack 245 g

Size: length 274 cm / Width in front 240 cm / Width behind 160 cm

Area: 5.0 sq m

Color: gray.

Complete set: SIMPLEX MAX TARP DC, Dyneema® guy lines, stuff sack

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  • 359 €


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