The sleeping bag and warm camp poncho at the same time SLEEPER QUILT PONCHO

The Quilt cozy in hammock or under tent. For fastening to a sleeping mat we have done loops along the long sides of quilt. For extra warming, we recommend using with warm socks the Choonie. Draft flaps at both side of zipper. Warm seams give the Slepper Quilt perfect heat preservation. It’s mean that cold air can’t go through the seams. Lightning and drawstring will form the tube and the footbox for comfort and warmth at the bottom of the Sleeper Quilt. You will find in the set of the Sleeper Quilt the mosquito net, which you can use as a case for a quilt or a sleeping bag and as protection against mosquitoes and insects.


Now, your feet will be warm insulation produced in the USA - Climashield Apex. Climashield® APEX reaches new heights in combinations of weight and thermal efficiency, this innovative insulation is the lightest weight and most thermally efficient continuous filament insulation on the market today. Due to its unique continuous filament construction - no matter how many times the garment is stretched, compressed or washed Climashield APEX is resilient under harsh conditions, holding its original shape after multiple uses or launderings. With technology AquaBan® - this technology ensures warmth in wet and humid conditions. It does not absorb moisture, because each fiber is coated with acrylic.

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  • sleeping bag-poncho;
  • light weight;
  • multifunctional;
  • warm;
  • compact packed.


Of Climashield® APEX:

  • 2.0oz (67 g/m2) / +11°C;
  • 3.0oz (100 g/m2) / +7°C;
  • 4.0oz (136 g/m2) / +4°C;
  • 5.0oz (170 g/m2) / +1°C;
  • 6.0oz (203 g/m2) / -2°C;


Materials: Climashield® APEX: 4.0oz (136 g/m2), 5.0oz (170 g/m2), 20D Nylon color Black, YKK zipper


  • 4.0oz (136 g/m2): M - 600 grams / L - 720 grams / XL - 750 grams;
  • 5.0oz (170 g/m2): M - 660 grams / L - 730 grams / XL - 860 grams;
  • 6.0oz (203 g/m2): M - 795 grams / L - 870 grams / XL - 1050 grams.


  • M - 120 х 180 x 100 cm;
  • L - 130 х 200 x 100 cm;
  • XL - 145 x 220 x 100 cm.

COMPLETE SET: Sleeper Quilt, mosquito cover, fastenings for a sleeping pad

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