UL WALLET DCF - the ultralight simple wallet.

UL DCF WALLET is our first collaboration with friends from 7Roads who make great bikepacking bags.

The ultralight DCF wallet weighs 8 grams only. And you directly know that even a few grams on each thing from your gear list make a huge difference in total weight. The wallet looks minimalistic, and it really is!

DCF ultralight wallet has a flap for more waterrepellent protection. On the top of wallet a small piece of DCF fabric that covered cash and protects it from water. The wallet is not waterproof but this cover sometimes can help under the unexpectable rains.


Dyneema® Composite Fabric is a patented ultra-lightweight material. It is made from flexible nonwoven laminated composites that are additionally reinforced with Dyneema® fibers. The fabric is highly durable and water resistant.


  • minimalistic simple design;
  • one compartment for banknotes;
  • 2 pockets for bank cards;
  • flap for waterrepellent protection;
  • ultra light weight.


Materials: Dyneema® Composite Fabric.

Weight: 8 g.

Complete set: UL WALLET DCF.

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